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Els Wiering – Portfolio

Upcoming: Kunstschouw (June 2023)

In June 2023 I have to honour to show my new line of work at the Kunstschouw in Zeeland (The Netherlands). In these works I have explored the cyanotype process. This traditional process uses an emulsion that responds to ultraviolet light and creates a  cyan-blue colour everywhere the ultraviolet light reaches the surface.  I really enjoyed working in this pure and traditional way, using only the reflections of the mediterrean sea and the warmth of the Andalusian sun. As a minimalist I always like to believe less is more. I am very happy and proud to show the result at the Kunstchouw in Burgh Haamstede at the studio of Daniëlle Orelio. I am still working on this serie and will add more images the upcoming weeks. Also on my instagram account or my facebook account you will find my latest works. I will be present during the whole week and I hope to meet you there!

Older works